Jodi Cachia is a Philadelphia based artist working in a variety of disciplines. In addition to fine art, her artistic ventures also include performance art and graphic design.

A few years ago, while spending some time working on etchings, her desire to draw was rekindled, and an interest in altering paper sparked. She began dyeing paper, then collaging it onto wood or canvas. She saw these collages as environments for drawings to emerge from. Birds of prey, especially crows, became recurring subject matter in her work, as well as the female form. Geometric elements also appear often.

“I have always felt at home in the woods, but have spent most of my adult life living in the city,” says Jodi. “I am now starting to consider the repetition of these elements a reflection of my surroundings (black ink, hard lines, geometric shapes), contrasted with my yearning to connect with nature.” Finally, to complete these pieces, layers of acrylic are applied to deepen the blackness of the ink, and unify it with its background.

Photo by: Bradd Eles @alienexpat