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Jodi Cachia is a Philadelphia based creative working in a variety of disciplines:

ARTIST  Born with a love for drawing, Jodi knew she was an artist from a very young age. During her journey she has experimented with painting, printmaking, sculpting, and woodworking. These days her primary focus is on drawing with ink, acrylic painting, and combining these materials to develop her own unique approach to mixed media painting.

DESIGNER  Jodi does not offer one style of design, but instead strives to convey her clients' message in the strongest manner possible. In her years of experience she has created countless forms of print marketing, conceived of individual and event identity, managed a design studio, and been art director of a non-profit art organization. She is currently self-employed, available for design work on a freelance basis.

PERFORMER  In her performance work, Jodi switches gears and creates her visuals with action. The stories told in the King Diamond band's lyrics are twisted tails of dark family history, evil beings, possession, and insanity. For over 20 years she has been developing these characters, choreographing their every move, and bringing them to life on stages alongside the band, all over the world.

Photo by: Bradd Eles @alienexpat

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